A calm bedroom

This morning I woke up in my sunny bedroom and actually felt rested. For the first time in ages my space is calm and pretty. And it's so important to feel happy in your space isn't it? Here's a bit about what I've done to get here; the inspiration, the shopping, the diys and the styling.

For me, this room has been quite a good practice in slow decorating. Not something that comes naturally to me as I am often pretty impatient to get things to look the way I want. Last summer, my husband and I swapped bedrooms with our girls. They now have the bigger room - more space for playing, storing their stuff, having pals round. I got their room all sorted then moved on to ours. Here, the walls were covered in holes where there had been pictures, furniture attached to the walls and a giant hole where a window used to be (to borrow light into the old office/baby nook). So we filled up the holes then lived with Dalmatian-spotted filler walls for too long.

We then considered paint colours. I like to find a piece of inspiration and art is one of my favourite places to start, We found an old bashed-up oil painting on eBay. It's of a river in Perthshire but reminded our family of our perfect summer holidays in the Lake District; picnicking by water, swimming in the river. We used it as inspiration for the room; natural tones, deep greens, grey greens, peaceful.

We paint we chose is Olive Laque from Craig and Rose. The paint is made in Scotland and they have a gorgeous showroom in Edinburgh. The colour is a relaxing greeny grey and I love that it flows with the soft natural colours of the other rooms in our home.

Furniture-wise we needed something for beside the bed. We had chairs as tables before. They were handy to store extra seats for when we had guests eating with us (I still haven't solved this issue - where do I keep them now? Do I get folding chairs?) but they made the room feel unfinished and were no good at hiding clutter. These very grown-up, cane-insert bedside cabinets came from Maison du Monde but as the pale mango wood looked a bit wrong with all our mid-century teak furniture, we stained the cabinets and changed the handles.

In our last bedroom, the bed was on the door wall. I always struggled with this. It felt wrong and back to front. I really think I am happier now I sleep with my feet towards the door.. And, of course, photos of the bedroom look so much better. The bed has a grey upholstered headboard and base. It looks a bit guff, so I have covered it with a linen valance from The Secret Bedlinen Store and a linen tablecloth from H and M. Maybe one day I'll cover the headboard properly, but I quite like the way the fabric drapes by the side of the bed and it is still usable as a tablecloth if I need a beige linen one for a shoot...

A new black Ikea double curtain rail and some velvet curtains in "mole" from H and M for dressing the window. H and M's longest length was just a little too short for our high ceilings. They looked a little awkward, like too short trousers. So I took the hem down and now they pool on the floor in an elegant sort of way. A white voile means we're not looked over by the neighbours and I love the diffused light that they create.

Then accessories. There are some new lamps from Next that with the glass bases add a needed new texture and are not too intrusive. And I swithered for ages about a new throw. We have a lot of blankets but I couldn't get the idea of a dark olive cover out of my head. Then I saw the perfect one in Debenhams. The colour is just what I was after and picks out the shade of the oil painting hills.

Obviously there are plants. for more green and for nature and life. And there are boxes. And art from my pal Katie Bee. And this birthday present from my family: a "Foxed" ceramic bothy that blows incense smoke through the chimney. Just a few things from a small colour pallet in natural textures to all work with the calm and natural vibe. And all contributing to a peaceful night's sleep. The dream.

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