Introductions: Hello!

Hi. I'm Jenny. I'm a stylist of homes and props and nesting is my favourite thing.

I like things calm, organised and beautiful. (An ideal not always aligned with actual real life.) I like old things and I like stories and character. I like to take this into my work.

I believe in the impact your space has on your wellbeing and want to create thoughtful homes through styling what you have, not necessarily buying lots of new stuff. Although new stuff is fun.

Until recently, I worked in retail world. I was a visual merchandiser and I dressed windows and displays for many many years. I loved the work and I learnt so many tricks. But the work is fleeting. Shop displays last only weeks, sometimes days if they were doing their job and selling the product out. In photos and in homes, the work is a little less brief and for me, a lot more meaningful.

So as retail changes, so have I. And now my job is to make spaces and objects look good for their photo to be taken, I also help people with styling their own homes and making the best of their space and their possessions.

So I want to write about this stuff. The stories of spaces, objects and the people behind them as I navigate my new adventures. And how I work to get these feelings across. I'm looking forward to sharing this with you.

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