Wonderings: Why hire a photographic stylist?

So why do folk hire a photographic stylist? Maybe you have a business and maybe you are marketing your business. Do you have photos taken for this? Do you need help with bringing out the beauty in your product? Working along with a photographer, here's a few ideas of what we can do:

1. Make the beauty of your product sing.

2. Bring inspiration and emotion to your images through visual storytelling. A glimpse of the life your customers aspire to.

3. Set the scene and transport your customers into your world. Arranging the location, sourcing the props, preparing the set, the props then tidying it all up at the end.

4. Know what publishers are looking for in images and incorporate trends to allow maximum exposure of your brand.

5. Ensure brand consistency by having a "look" to your images.

6. Allow the photographer to get on with their own job of photography and lighting. And can minimise the use of re-touching images by hiding cables, tags, cleaning...

Really it's all about elevating the photography. Capturing a magic that creates new customers. Exciting huh? If you're keen to try, I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch here.

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